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The Book Haven’s inventory is stored on the Library Thing. Their website is  www.librarything.com

You do need to create a free account to access collections on Library Thing. You can also use Library Thing to catalogue your own collection if you wish.

Once you have created an account, you can search for other members and look at public collections (like The Book Haven’s!).

Be aware the pictures below are PICTURES to help you navigate the LibraryThing site. The links in the pictures are not active links. Printable instructions are on the store's  Facebook page under Groups.
The easiest way to find our collection is to enter BookHavenAZ in the “Search Site” field.



Library Thing’s default search is for book titles, so your initial result will look like this:

No results for Works… But there is One Member!!! Click on Members.

The next screen looks like this:

              Here we are!




The library list is sorted by most recently added, so you can check on new arrivals.

When you Search BookHavenAZ's books, be sure to select "Your Books" from the drop-down menu.

Other collections are not active inventory.