Purveyors of Imagination and Knowledge

Our stock numbers over 25,000 volumes.

Our store is 2500 square feet (compared to the 800 square feet of the old Paperback City in Prescott).

We have significantly improved the selection of Science Fiction, Mysteries, Children's and Teen books, and Nonfiction. The number of Large Print books has been tripled.

We have an especially strong selection of Cooking and Art books, largely thanks to the estate of Minnie Evanoff.

We have added a section of books in Spanish for our Spanish-speaking neighbors. (Tenemos una sección de libros en español para nuestros vecinos hispanohablantes).

Libros en español

Hay libros del "oeste," horror, ciencia ficción, misterio, libros romáticos y libros para niños. También tenemos libros sobre espiritulidad, religion, la familia y la cocina. Y hay algunos sobre cosas médicas, del salud y de las computadoras.

Is there a particular book you're looking for? Send us an email through our

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Some of our most special books are listed on biblio.com! You can search for them below.

Easton Press books!

Beautiful volumes,  ribbed leather, gilt edges, from the Great Books of the 20th Century collection!

3040 N Windsong Dr, #104-105

Prescott Valley, AZ 86314