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Any prices marked in pencil or pen inside the books are not valid.

Books are priced based on format, demand, and "specialness."

Book format:

* Regular mass market paperbacks start at$2.50. These are your regular, standard-sized paperbacks.

* Tall mass market paperbacks (which are usually sold for $9.99 new) are$3.00. These books are about an inch taller than standard paperbacks but are the same width.

* Trade Paperbacks are$3.50. Trade paperbacks are both taller and wider than regular paperback and generally retail new for $12 and up.

* Book club hardcovers are also $3.50. These are most often smaller than full-size publisher hardcovers and do not have a price note.

*Full-sized publisher hardcovers are$4.00.

These books are generally 9 to 10 inches tall and have a price noted either on the back or on the inside front flap of the dust jacket.

*Large art, craft and specialty books (including coffee table books) start at $5.00  (both paperback and hardcover). Usually books that are more will be marked with a white rectangular tag on the upper right had corner of the book.

*Children's books are priced much like the others, with the exception that large children's hardcovers and board books are generally $3.00. Very small books can be as low as 50 cents.

Audio Books on CD are priced at $2.00 per disk (MP3 @$2.00/hr)

Book type
Standard Pricing
mass market pbk

Tall mass mkt pbk

Children's hardcvrs


Trade paperbacks

Book Club hardcover


Standard hardcovers

New release pbk


Large arts & crafts


Newer hardcovers

   (available in pbk)

Larger special interest

Newer releases not available in paperback

Books released within the last year start at $4.00 for paperbacks and $5.00 for hardcovers.